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Potentially Open Seats

Data last revised: 2018-07-08 09:09:13

Any Delegation Chair that wants their state and/or contact information
removed from this list should email

    Each Affiliate has their own requirements for accepting delegates.
    The following have been mentioned.
    Red remarks have been provide by an Affiliate Officer.
    Purple remarks have not been verified.
  • CA - must join the California LP
  • MA - requires that you were a member of Massachusetts LP last October.
  • VA - must have been a member of the Virginia LP at its most recent convention




Arizona AZ 1 Kevin McCormick
Arkansas AR 1 Michael Pakko
Florida FL 10 Marcos Miralles
Illinois IL 4 Bennett Morris
Kansas KS 1 Kris Logan
Kentucky KY 2 Harlen Compton
Massachusetts MA 4 George Phillies
Minnesota MN 1 Chris Holbrook
New Jersey NJ 3 Patrick McKnight
New York NY 3 Jim Rosenbeck
Ohio OH 14 Linda Comstock
Pennsylvania PA 2 Drew Bingaman
South Dakota SD 1 Greg Baldwin
Texas TX 6 Patrick Dixon
Washington WA 1 Tiffany Diaz De Leon
Wyoming WY 2 Joe Porambo

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